About us


Between December 2015 to June 2016, the founder, Cheryl Ibezim had the privilege and pleasure to visit Nigeria right after receiving her bachelor’s degree. The trip was supposed to be a spontaneous trip as a fresh graduate to travel, relax, and explore the beautiful country. On her trip, she ended up visiting villages in the Eastern part of Nigeria. While there she noticed that many of the primary and secondary schools looked like abandoned buildings. There were no desks, chairs, or even chalk boards. She saw that the teachers had to write on the walls to teach and the students had to sit on the floor to learn.

She was saddened and astonished by what she saw. She could not fathom the thought that young children had to accept and tolerate this type of situation; and quickly realized that this was their reality. Throughout all the unfortunate circumstances, students still had the desire to come and sit on that floor and learn as well as teachers writing on the wall to teach. It showed her that they valued the essence of education. And because of that she felt that they deserved the best. So, she started doing research.

She found that there were many large foundations that help make people more aware of educational needs. However, she felt that there was a need for personal assistant in the villages in Nigeria. After all the research, Back to School Transformation Inc. was born.


We are committed to providing conducive learning environment in schools in rural Africa. We aim to successfully provide adequate school supplies, equipment, and facilities to many schools (primary and secondary) in Africa. Africa is a beautiful continent filled with intelligent, innovative , and hardworking people. With all the resources in countries like Nigeria, it is unfortunate that the educational system is consumed with the challenges of an underfunded system with poor infrastructure, inadequate classrooms, limited teaching aids, and poor learning environment.


Cheryl Adaeze Ibezim is the founder and president of Back  to School Transformation Inc., an organization that provides adequate school equipment as well as raising money to renovate school buildings in Africa.

In this position, Cheryl is responsible for the vision, strategy, and national fundraising efforts for the organization as it expands across the world. She is also responsible for recruiting, training, and developing a Board of directors to implement a long term strategic plan.

Cheryl Ibezim is a graduate of Kean University in Union, New Jersey where she received her bachelor’s degree in English language. Currently she is pursuing her Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Administration at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia. Cheryl has been working in the Education sector off and on for 5 years both in New Jersey and Georgia.

Cheryl is passionate about the well-being of students' education around the world. She believes that every child deserves a positive educational experience. She aspires to own her own schools in Africa as well as opening business pertaining to the educational sector.