Spotlight Thursdays +1

#SpotlightThursdays +1 sorry the late post, but today I want to give recognition to @oneafricanchild. OneAfricanChild is an NGO focusing on instilling leadership skills to disadvantaged children in multiple countries in Africa (Nigeria, Kenya, and the Benin Republic). They provide a space as well as resources necessary for children to become proactive in their communities, skills to address local issues, self-expression, and many more. I really love their fun innovative activities they use to teach teamwork, communication, and creativity; all major attributes needed for our future leaders. GREAT WORK!!! To check out their page and support head to their page @oneafricanchild on Instagram.

This is why I am so passionate about the Back2SchoolTransformation project. I believe that every child deserves the best educational experience. So let’s continue to provide the best opportunities to more students in need. To donate click the donate button on the main page. Thank You!!🙏🏾